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Re: Amazon/B&N vs Independent Bookstores

At 04:07 PM 4/11/99 -0400, Scottie Lover wrote:
>I tried them, but I, personally, much prefer Amazon or B&N. When Books.com
>screwed up my large order (badly), they merely apologized -- and it took
>several E-Mails just to get them to do that.  Had that been Amazon or B&N,
>they would have immediately given me free shipping, an extra 10%, or
>something similar.

Wow, I'm surprised.  I've never experienced anything similar to what you
have had happen.  I guess that is proof that one size does not necessarily
fit all.  I would certainly say that others should not rule them out.  With
the exception of certain remainders, they are always cheaper than Amazon or

>With respect to accruing points toward free books, I got the impression that
>you'd have to spend many thousands of dollars to get something free.

They accrue at about a penny a point.  I buy about $100 worth of books
every month from them, so just about every three months I get a free
paperback with the points.

>(Incidentally, I also LOVE Strands.)

Unfortunately for me, I love them too.  I have to get a bigger place to
hold all of my books!  Plus it is renewal time for insurance for the little
buggers.  My premium may go up since I may put some of them in storage.

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