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Re: Amazon/B&N vs Independent Bookstores

Re:  Books.com
>They accrue at about a penny a point.  I buy about $100 worth of books
>every month from them, so just about every three months I get a free
>paperback with the points.

My order was about $300, and I didn't get any freebies, so I guess it is a
little over that.

I'm glad that you've been so happy with them, and hope that my experience
was, indeed, a fluke.  All I know is that, had B&N or Amazon screwed up my
order the way Books.com did, they would have profusely apologized and
hastened to give me free shipping, an extra 10% discount, or something
similar. Books.com did finally apologize, but it took several E-Mails just
to get an apology (and they did nothing to try to make it up to me).
Although freebies certainly aren't expected or in any way mandatory, they go
far toward pacifying the customer when something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, I don't live in Manhattan -- so when I do get to Strand's,
I'm wearing a business suit.  Navigating the dust is a distinct art <g> --
but well worthwhile.  I don't think I've ever been there without finding
some rare treasure I'd been seeking for ages.

When I was a teenager, a woman owned a small cookbook store on the East Side
near Strand's.  Every time I went to Strand's, I'd have to try to pick up
cookbooks before she did, since she'd charge say $20 for a book she found at
Strand's selling for $2.

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