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New on the ABAA-booknet Web Server


      WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?

           Here are recent changes or updates that you may not have
           seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB members are
           "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home pages.
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               The 39th New York Antiquarian Book Fair, to
               be held in New York City, April 15-18, 1999,
               now has Highlights available from over 30
               dealers at http://NewYorkBookFair.com
   ### < < < New York Book Fair Participants
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               Bennett Gilbert, of Los Angeles, CA is now
               offering Library Lists 47 and 48 =AB Early
               Printed Books to 1800 in Philosophy, Theology
               & Science, Incunabula, Illustrated Books,
               Renaissance & Reformation, and the History of
               Ideas =BB along with updates of Lists 31
               through 46, all in the new ABAA-booknet
               Search =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic
               Catalogue format.
          http://abaa-booknet.com/Gilbert    .
          MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (4/12/99)

               Five ABAA Members have announced new or
               updated Web Sites:

             * Books of Wonder, of New York City has a new
               Web Site, http://www.booksofwonder.com
               specializing in Children's Books, Folklore &
               Mythology, Juvenile Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Oz
               & Baumiana.

   ### < < < * Heritage Book Shop, of Los Angeles, CA has
               posted an extensive 1999 New York Book Show
               List, www.heritagebookshop.com

   ### < < < * Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts, of
               Philadelphia, PA announces that PRB&M's
               website has just been freshened with
               offerings of 17th-Century Books,
               Chivalry/Heraldry, Sample Books, and more.
               New York Book Fair details are also available
               =97 Visit, if you've a chance!

   ### < < < * Thomas & Ahngsana Su=E1rez, Rare Maps, of New
               York City announces that their re-vamped web
               site is now fully illustrated =97

   ### < < < * Tavistock Books, of Alameda, CA has posted a
               fully updated, searchable list of Americana
               with 202 items are available at

          JONATHAN A. HILL CATALOGUE (4/5/99)
           [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with Jonathan A. Hill]

   ### < < <   Jonathan A. Hill =95 Bookseller of New York
               City, NY offers a new on-line list, Catalogue
               I 2 2: Recent Acquisitions, 122 items in the
               new ABAA-booknet Search =97 Browse =97 Order
               On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.
          http://abaa-booknet.com/j.hill    .
          TEN POUND MARITIME LIST (4/4/99)
           [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with Ten Pound Island Books]

   ### < < <   Ten Pound Island Books, of Gloucester, MA is
               now offering Maritime List 119 =97 Naval &
               Maritime History, 374 items pertaining to the
               sea and its history and including extensive
               reference materials. This is another
               catalogue in the new ABAA-booknet Search =97
               Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic Catalogue
          http://abaa-booknet.com/ten.pound    .
          MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (4/4/99)

               Two ABAA Members have announced new or
               updated Web Sites:

   ### < < < * The Book Block, of Greenwich, CT has posted
               its New York Book Fair List to its Web Site,

             * Midway Used and Rare Books, of St. Paul, MN
               has an new Web Site,
               http://www.midwaybook.com specializing in
               Art, Illustrated & Childrens, Books About
               Books, SF-Fantasy, History, and General O.P.

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