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Sneak preview -- Book@rts website

I've just finished designing the concept for a new website,
Book@rts, The Journal of Advanced Publishing Concepts
<http://bookarts.webjump.com>. Right now it mainly consists
of pages devoted to my own work. In the near future I will
be adding links, information and articles by other writers
on subjects such as e-books, books on demand, book-like
works by artists, book art, self-publishing and anything
else that will be of interest to people who care about the
future of books.

You can download without charge the texts of some of my
published and unpublished works. I am thinking about selling
these documents, as my Cancun User's Guide
<http://www.cancunguide.com>is currently doing quite well as
a digital document. For the time being, however, all
downloads are free.

I will be interested in any comments -- positive or
negative -- as well as information about links that don't
work and any other anomalies or annoyances, such as slow
loading pages. I will also be grateful for any collections
of links to related resources, which I will fully credit and
link to the authors' home pages.

Most of all, I'd like to look at some submissions. I can't
pay for anything but perhaps the exposure might be useful to
you. The site itself is on a free hosting service and was
creating using free tools, as I'm writing an article on
creating an online business for free and this is the demo.
I'm now going to start putting together the business aspects
of this, such as order forms, shopping cart, credit card
billing and so on. Let me know if you have any ideas about
this, too.

Jules Siegel Apdo 1764 Cancun Q. Roo 77501
tel 011-52-98 83-36-29

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