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Re: Pricings???

this made me smile because it is one I have long tried
to get some reasonable answer to. I had two teachers
who I respected a lot and here is what I got:
1-make sure you are making a reasonable amount of
money on each--calculate your time, materials and pay
yourself decently. of course, I quickly discovered
this makes the books horrifically expensive, as you
may too. this teacher, by the way, didn't really
produce artist bookworks for sale, but mostly did
2-my other teacher, who produced artist bookworks all
the time, priced them according to how well he liked
them. if he liked them a lot, you had to pay more. his
editions were never more than 7. one which he liked a
lot cost 100 British pounds. but he also took into
account the market, of which he was a fairly good
judge having sold for years.
3-with my own work, I take into account the materials
cost and make sure that I am making back that much at
least. my last book was so time consuming that there
was no reasonable way of making money on it so I
picked a number with the help of some friends that
seemed reasonable. I have also been known to have a
sliding scale or trade thing for other artists/close
friends, but as much as possible I try to stick to the
quoted price and in no case would I ever sell to one
collecter/library for less than I sold to another. the
sliding scale/trade thing is strictly informal/private
and for people who can't afford under any
circumstances to pay collector price but who express a
genuine desire for the book.

I too would be interested in hearing about how others
price and any other arrangements that they make for
distributing their books.

--- George <gender@RAINBOW.NET.AU> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was wondering what people suggest
> by way of pricing the following:
> I make handmade, hand bound and handlettered
> books.
> Every bit of text in my books are handlettered,
> and it's all a hand-made job.
> I make between three and five copies of each book
> I do.
> No more.
> I will shortly have enough different books
> to put "out there" for sale, and was wondering
> if anyone had any ideas on pricing??
> None of my books are mass-produced or
> laser-printed or anything.
> All 3-5 copies are original works of art,
> often with original small artworks within each book.
> ?????
> Any comments/ideas would be appreciated.
> George.
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> what can be fear, pain or ignorance.
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