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Re: Pricings???

Books of this type are really Art/Craft objects.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating, not in the
The amount of time you spend making it is, unfortunately,
There are binders who can spend 50 extra hours on a book
because they do not have the right tools. This can not
justify a price.
Price is determined by the market acceptance of the item,
not by the artisan.
For an unknown craftsman or artist, prices will always be
The items are subjective. You may consider your book
to be worth $200. If there are no buyers, the market is
telling you something.
When you get a name, a track record, you can set your own

If you have confidence in your work, try to put some out to
at a Christies or Swann's or Sotheby's rare book & fine
bindings sale.
Then you will get an idea of the real market value of your

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-----Original Message-----
From: leil lucy alexander <leilx@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 5:33 AM
Subject: Re: Pricings???

>this made me smile because it is one I have long tried
>to get some reasonable answer to. I had two teachers
>who I respected a lot and here is what I got:
>1-make sure you are making a reasonable amount of
>money on each--calculate your time, materials and pay
>yourself decently. of course, I quickly discovered
>this makes the books horrifically expensive, as you
>may too. this teacher, by the way, didn't really
>produce artist bookworks for sale, but mostly did
>2-my other teacher, who produced artist bookworks all
>the time, priced them according to how well he liked
>them. if he liked them a lot, you had to pay more. his
>editions were never more than 7. one which he liked a
>lot cost 100 British pounds. but he also took into
>account the market, of which he was a fairly good
>judge having sold for years.
>3-with my own work, I take into account the materials
>cost and make sure that I am making back that much at
>least. my last book was so time consuming that there
>was no reasonable way of making money on it so I
>picked a number with the help of some friends that
>seemed reasonable. I have also been known to have a
>sliding scale or trade thing for other artists/close
>friends, but as much as possible I try to stick to the
>quoted price and in no case would I ever sell to one
>collecter/library for less than I sold to another. the
>sliding scale/trade thing is strictly informal/private
>and for people who can't afford under any
>circumstances to pay collector price but who express a
>genuine desire for the book.
>I too would be interested in hearing about how others
>price and any other arrangements that they make for
>distributing their books.
>--- George <gender@RAINBOW.NET.AU> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I was wondering what people suggest
>> by way of pricing the following:
>> I make handmade, hand bound and handlettered
>> books.
>> Every bit of text in my books are handlettered,
>> and it's all a hand-made job.
>> I make between three and five copies of each book
>> I do.
>> No more.
>> I will shortly have enough different books
>> to put "out there" for sale, and was wondering
>> if anyone had any ideas on pricing??
>> None of my books are mass-produced or
>> laser-printed or anything.
>> All 3-5 copies are original works of art,
>> often with original small artworks within each book.
>> ?????
>> Any comments/ideas would be appreciated.
>> George.
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>a "book", because he says so, is the extreme of sloppy
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