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Re: Regarding gold foil

In a message dated 4/15/99 12:27:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
ktp43@PRODIGY.NET writes:

<< Whenever I have had trouble with stubborn excess gold around stampings and
 tooling it is because the heat was too high and the dwell-time was too long.

I have gold stamped many hundreds of books at this point and I am just
finally getting a real feel for it. Over time, have found that what usually
works best is to use a temperature near the top range of the foil capability
and to finesse the stamping, ie, hit it hard and short.  Note: this is for
Unibind covers and Kwikprint BK gold tape.

The other really key thing is to have the stamp absolutely parallel with the
item to be stamped.  It can be a real bear sometimes to line everything up,
but it's the only way to get an even sharp stamping.
dt fletcher

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