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Re: Pricings???

Another angle perhaps, on which I would welcome reflections, thoughts,
facts ...

Suppose you cut a wood-engraving and print a limited edition from it on
your hand-press and sign each copy, and suppose you can charge 100 pounds a
copy, given your 'name' and quality. If someone produces a fine press book
with ten of your engravings in it, printed from the wood, but on a machine
press (rather than your hand press), with one signature on the book, they
might well sell it for ... 100 pounds. It's now a book, not ten engravings.
But hey, the buyer is getting ten of your engravings printed from the wood
but for the price of one.

Suppose you produce the engravings on separate sheets and print some text
on each - a poem say - and put the whole lot in a box with some additional
text pages, title page, colophon etc. It's getting closer to a portfolio
than a book. Should you charge 1000 pounds? 500 pounds? or just 100 pounds?
(Ignore materials and time cost differences.) Are you in the art market or
the book market?

Write your answer on one side of the paper only ... :)

Best wishes, Martyn Ould

The Old School Press
e-mail  mao@the-old-school.demon.co.uk

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