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Hello, and unusual request

Hello all,

I've been lurking for a few week's, afraid to de-lurk for fear of sounding
too stupid.  I am amazed at the store of knowledge within this list.  It's a
little intimidating.  Yes, the brain tells me, "they all started at some
point in their lives...they weren't born with a bookbinder's awl in their
mouths", but I still wimp out, and never post.


I now feel an urgency to ask for assistance.  Assistance of a strange sort.
I realize that alot of you work very hard to restore books, and repair
books.  I want to ruin one.  I have made a few coptic and hardbound books
(for my own pleasure in the doing).  I now want to make some books using a
leather cover and make the leather look as though it had been well loved for
100's of years.  What leather should I use?  How thick of book board should
I adhere it to?  With what should I adhere it? (No leather experience here),
and the biggest question of all.......how do I make it look worn?

Thanks for your time in reading this post, and if you can keep from laughing
and shaking your heads, thanks in advance for any insights you can share.


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