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Re: Hello, and unusual request

This is a huge subject as you probably know. Hopefully, answers from many on
this list will help you in the overall project because the subject is too
complex for a few postings.
I'll just offer a few suggestions which someone else might elaborate on.

 Use repair calf or a second or third-grade leather from a reputable leather
dealer such as Hewitt, Bookmakers, and Talas.  Sometimes just applying a
dressing to these leathers cause the imperfections of the leather to show
through nicely, like it has been used a lot.The List archives will be able
to provide you with the phone numbers and addresses for these dealers. If
the book you are making has shoulder joints (from rounding and backing) then
the board should be as thick as the depth of the shoulder. This is not a
hard-and-fast-rule. In bookbinding, very little is hard-and-fast these days.
The best adhesive to use, only in my opinion as I am a bookbinder of the old
craft-binding days, is wheat paste. The leather models around the board just
like clay, if you use wheat paste.

I hope this gives you some ideas.
Karen T. Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio

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