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Archival/Photosafe adhesives

I've been hired to teach a basic bookbuilding class at a album supply
store. I will be demonstrating/leading folks through buidling a simple 20
page stab binding with stubs.

The store has a policy not to use any materials that are not "photo safe",
"acid free and Lignon free" or "archival".

I feel safe with the materials that I pull from their shelves...covering
paper, cord, paper for the book block, etc.  The problem is with adhesives.

They insist that adhesives be marked "photo safe"...even when the adhesive
will not be used for photos.

I don't want to argue whether this is excessive...I'll play by the rules,
but what adhesive would you folks recommend for the task?  This adhesive
would be used primarily to tack together the book block and to cover the

The workshops last 2 hours so I will need something that grabs quickly.

Many thanks,

Geoff Davis
Geoff Davis
The Art Department Studio Camps and Workshops
Bookbinding, Printmaking and Photography
1337 Hannibal Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

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