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Re: Archival/Photosafe adhesives

>I've been hired to teach a basic bookbuilding class at a album supply
>store. I will be demonstrating/leading folks through buidling a simple 20
>page stab binding with stubs.
>The store has a policy not to use any materials that are not "photo safe",
>"acid free and Lignon free" or "archival".
>I feel safe with the materials that I pull from their shelves...covering
>paper, cord, paper for the book block, etc.  The problem is with adhesives.
>They insist that adhesives be marked "photo safe"...even when the adhesive
>will not be used for photos.
>I don't want to argue whether this is excessive...I'll play by the rules,
>but what adhesive would you folks recommend for the task?  This adhesive
>would be used primarily to tack together the book block and to cover the
>The workshops last 2 hours so I will need something that grabs quickly.
>Many thanks,
>Geoff Davis
>Geoff Davis
>The Art Department Studio Camps and Workshops
>Bookbinding, Printmaking and Photography
>1337 Hannibal Street
>Noblesville, IN 46060

YES Glue
sarah fishburn

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