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Re: Archival/Photosafe adhesives

Hi Geoff!

I recently left a position at a scrapbook supply store and may be able to
help.  But first, be patient with their acid-free, lignin-free obsession.
Easy for me to say, it just about drove me loopy!  It's a brainwashing gig,
I'm convinced.

Anyway, Tombow makes a wide variety of acid-free, photo-safe glues, liquid
and stick.  That seems to be an industry standard, I've done some portfolios
with Tombow glue sticks and they've worked wonderfully.  They also make them
wide, so you can cover a wide area in a short amount of time.

Another option may be a Xyron machine.  It's a chemical free, cold
laminating machine.  Being able to use it depends on the size of your paper,
but you may consider it.  There is a cartridge that *only* puts adhesive and
paper on the back of your decorative paper, it's like turning a sheet of
paper into an 8.5x11 sticker.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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From: Geoff Davis <gdavis@CCS.K12.IN.US>
Sent: Sunday, April 18, 1999 4:27 PM
Subject: Archival/Photosafe adhesives

> I've been hired to teach a basic bookbuilding class at a album supply
> store. I will be demonstrating/leading folks through buidling a simple 20
> page stab binding with stubs.
> The store has a policy not to use any materials that are not "photo safe",
> "acid free and Lignon free" or "archival".
> I feel safe with the materials that I pull from their shelves...covering
> paper, cord, paper for the book block, etc.  The problem is with
> They insist that adhesives be marked "photo safe"...even when the adhesive
> will not be used for photos.
> I don't want to argue whether this is excessive...I'll play by the rules,
> but what adhesive would you folks recommend for the task?  This adhesive
> would be used primarily to tack together the book block and to cover the
> boards.
> The workshops last 2 hours so I will need something that grabs quickly.
> Many thanks,
> Geoff Davis
> Geoff Davis
> The Art Department Studio Camps and Workshops
> Bookbinding, Printmaking and Photography
> 1337 Hannibal Street
> Noblesville, IN 46060

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