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workshop - allied arts

The Nature Printing Society is having its annual workshop in central
Minnesota, June 5-12.  Nature printing is often utilized by papermakers
-- to combine prints with inclusions of real flowers and leaves, or
simply to print on handmade paper.
I have seen two beautiful accordion books of fish prints.  The Society
of N.P. is only around 300, so we usually publish via small, limited
edition presses.
        The method of direct printing from a leaf or a flower can be a true
botanical record (herbals are another informal book-making endeavor by
nature printers), or it can be manipulated into abstractions:
watercolors, collage, monotypes.
        If any of you are interested, please email me and I will send
particulars.  Classes are limited so that there's plenty of interaction
between workshop leaders and students, and between students.   Thank

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