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location of Conferences

In a message dated 4/20/99 2:19:15 PM Central Daylight Time, PAGrass@AOL.COM

<< There are a lot of summer conferences across the country. The Oregon Book
 Arts Guild sponsors one--its 5 days of all kinds of classes for all skill
 levels. I can send you an e-mail of classes offered or a paper flyer and
 registration mterials through regular mail if you give me your snail mail
 Patty Grass
 pagrass@aol.com >>

I hear of conference after conference on this list--all of them VERY far away
from where I live unfortunately.  I do not have the luxury of traveling at
this time:-(   Does anyone know of any workshops or conferences on book
making in the Southeastern Wisconsin area?  Maybe even the Chicago area?
Most of these classes sound wonderful.  I would love to attend them and learn
what others have to teach.

Keeping my fingers crossed--
-Lee in Milwaukee, WI

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