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Re: Book Arts workshops

I am creating a Calendar section on my Book@rts website and will be happy to
receive any announcements of any events, no matter how local.

Feeling quite awed here by all the technical expertise, wisdom and lore coming
down during my first few days on this list. I never knew I was a book artist
until Martha Wilson told me I was. I just made dummies to convince publishers to
go for my writing projects. This led to solitary vices such as making the books
themselves. I bound my first book in Cancun in 1995 from memory of instructions
in a book I left in Mendocino in 1977. Came out pretty neat, too.

Anyway, I just found out that the Museum of Modern Art put two more of my
books --Lineland and Cancun User's Guide -- in their Franklin Furnace collection
of book-like works by artists. I never felt too comfortable about this book
artist role. I don't mean to kick shucks 'n' stuff, but this is one area where I
express myself modestly. Well, at least I'm in circle of 8,000 or so book
artists in the collection. The Cancun User's Guide looks exactly like a 5. x 8.5
in trade paperback -- 188 pgs, color cover. It was perfect-bound by hand by five
young ladies in the print shop.

Happily soldering these soup cans and wondering if anyone ever gets my jokes.

Jules Siegel Apdo 1764 Cancun Q. Roo 77501
tel 011-52-98 83-36-29

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