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Digital public domain texts.

Received this and thought it might be of interest to those looking for
public domain texts to use. Another great source is Project Gutenberg at
<http://www.promo.net/pg/> or the German language version at
<http://gutenberg.aol.de/gutenb.htm>.  I know there are others as well.


From: jjohnson@northshore.net
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 06:02:13 PDT
Subject: Free books available online

Attention Library Staff/Patrons:

The 1stBooks Library is proud to announce a new public
service that provides free 'virtual' books to library patrons

For those unfamiliar with the term, 'virtual' books
are not physical objects made of paper and ink;
instead, they are full-length books which can be down-
loaded as data files from the World Wide Web, directly
to the computers of readers around the world.  The
location of the website is:


Simply go to this location and follow the link that reads
"Click HERE to preview and download ..."  Then select
"Free Books."  You may download as many as you like,
 free of charge.

This is not a sales gimmick.  While we do offer other
books for sale, you do not have to buy anything or sell
anything to download free books.

We simply hope you will enjoy reading great books,
and appreciate the advantages of obtaining them in
virtual format.

A list of some free titles that start with 'A' appears
below, to give you a quick idea of the variety available.
More books (50-100 titles) are added each month.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to a
program that advances the causes of literature and
literacy in the months ahead.

Yours for better reading,
Jeff Johnson
The 1stBooks Library

P.S.  If you find this service beneficial, please forward
copies of this message to anyone you know who is
interested in classic literature.  This free offer is open
to everyone.


Across The Plains
By Robert Louis Stevenson
Cost is $ 0.00

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By Mark Twain
Cost is $ 0.00

Adventures of Pinocchio
By Carlo Collodi Lorenzini
Cost is $ 0.00

By John Milton
Cost is $ 0.00

Aesop's Fables
By Aesop
Cost is $ 0.00

The Age of Innocence
By Edith Wharton
Cost is $ 0.00

The Ambassadors
By Henry James
Cost is $ 0.00

Amy Foster
By Joseph Conrad
Cost is $ 0.00

Ann Veronica
By H. G. Wells
Cost is $ 0.00

Anne of Green Gables
By Lucy Maud Montgomery
Cost is $ 0.00

Around the World in 80 Days
By Jules Verne
Cost is $ 0.00

.. And HUNDREDS more!

                                >>> I loved working in the library. <<<
>>There was something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

Peter D. Verheyen
<Webmaster: Book Arts Web>    http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey
<Listowner: Book_Arts-L>           Mailto:Book_Arts-L-request@listserv.syr.edu

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