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Last week I sent a message to the list asking people what their favourite
tools and supplies are for bookbinding.  Thanks to all who replied. : )

However, many of the replies I received were somewhat vague.  Please be
specific, people!  I am starting a -small- line of bookbinding supplies,
and I need to know what you actually want!  Backing hammers?  Bone folders?
 Do you like linen thread or cotton?  What grade of leather is best for
bookbinding?  How many of you use buckram, and in what colours?  Headbands?
Do you want sewing frames or backing boards? Take a look around your studio
and tell me what is there!  I want to be able to supply a tyro who is just
getting started, and also have some basics for the ongoing artist.  I will
be starting small, but my inventory will grow with time.

As before, it might be a good idea to reply off the list.

Audrey Hollinger
the Papertrail

Awesome Aud

"I gave my books their own room,
and now they want the whole house!"

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