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Re: query: colleges with book arts programs

>What colleges have programs in the book arts as part of their =
>curriculum at the undergraduate level?  Which of these include =
>letterpress printing?  What emphases do these programs have =
>(artists books, bookbinding, etc)?  Thank you.=20
>* Barbara E. Reed    * * * * *   barbara.e.reed@dartmouth.edu *
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>* Dartmouth College                    phone 603-646-3831     *
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>* Hanover NH 03755-3570                  fax 603-646-1218     *

The University of Oregon has a letterpress lab with 4 presses and a new
(still being built) papermaking room adjoining. As well as 4 computer
graphics stations in the lab. There is an Artist's Book course taught by
one of the printmaking faculty as well as periodic structure workshops (2
weeklong sessions this summer) We have 2 visiting artist's teaching
Saturday workshops this month and these sort of events seem to be growing
in number.

Some faculty allow or encourage book forms as part of routine assignments
in other classes as well, though there is no defined program in book arts.
Most students interested in book arts gravitate toward the Visual Design or
Printmaking curricular areas. If you have any other questions, I would be
happy to put you in contact with the appropriate person at the University.


Simrat Kaur Khalsa

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