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Re: query: colleges with book arts programs

Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA  offers an emphasis in book arts with =
the degree in studio arts.  We have a letterpress lab, binding lab (in one =
building) and a printmaking lab that also house occasional papermaking in =
another.  The program requires three semesters of book arts (currently =
taught by Anna Hepler and previously taught by Kathy Kuehn and Keiko Hara) =
as well as printmaking, drawing, and a specific design course.  Contact =
Keiko Hara (harak@whitman.edu) for more information. =20

We also are having our third annual book arts symposium and workshop this =
summer.  Contact Keiko Hara for more information: harak@whitman.edu

>>> "Simrat K. Khalsa" <simrat@GLADSTONE.UOREGON.EDU> 04/21 11:46 AM >>>
>What colleges have programs in the book arts as part of their =3D
>curriculum at the undergraduate level?  Which of these include =3D
>letterpress printing?  What emphases do these programs have =3D
>(artists books, bookbinding, etc)?  Thank you.=3D20

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