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Re: Davey Board

Martin -

I am not so certain of what Davey board is (I had no idea it had metal in
it...)as I am of where to get it.  I just bought a set of 18 boards from LBS
for $3.00 each, including shipping.  You can phone them at (800) 247-5323.
They are in Des Moines, Iowa, are very nice to deal with, and have the
lowest prices I could find (I am sure there are better ones, but I could not
find them).  They like to deal with commercial book binders, so they might
ask for the name of your bindery - make one up and they are fine.  I am sure
they knew they were shipping to my home, but did not mind at all.

Good luck!

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Subject: Davey Board

Does anyone know what Davey Board is and where to buy it??

All the information I have follows. Got this request from a friend.

>Davey board is used in bookbinding.....it is the hard cover book
>Davey board has metal flakes in it...instead of basic chipboard which
>doesn't...this makes the board much stronger and resist flaring out on the
>corners and spine as books get taken in and out often...
>thanks for any info you might have.
>this board used to be available through Laboiteaux....

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