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acrylic wash

<I was reading your post and am wondering- what is an acrylic wash? It
sounds like something I could utilize.>

This was an off-list question, but I'll take the liberty to send to list
since others may not be sure.

An acrylic wash is very thinned-down paint - I use Golden or Liquitex tube
paints, not the little "craft" jars that they make. You can thin it with
water, or with gel or medium, or all three, to make it various
tranparencies. You can then use it wet-on-wet, (the gel will also keep it
from drying as fast) similair to watercolor, or layer it more like
traditional painting after each layer dries. It will change the hand of the
paper/fabric somewhat - esp. if you use too much medium you'll get a
"plasticy" feel. By thinning it, (you might experiment on how much), it
will penetrate the fabric more, and you'll still keep the texture. And its
just as lightfast & durable as the regular way of painting. I usually do it
before pasting the fabric on the cover - since it may warp the board if its
too wet. Also, it helps to seal the fabric against the glue a bit, so you
dont get so much paste bleed-thro on the front.
Fun. And fun for kids, too.

Thanks for asking,
Robyn Beth

Robyn ElizaBeth Priestley
Painted Turtle Design
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