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Re: Supplies

I was advised that polyester ribbon will deteriorate. That I ought =
to use a non-synthetic like silk or cotton. I did end up using =
polyester grosgrain that my music teacher got for me from a fabric =
store in Wilmington. She's big into sewing and that was what she =
thought would work best. And it did work, although the ribbon was =
kind of stiff from some sort of starch.=20
I had thought of using tapes but the ones we had here weren't =
appropriate for tying (too wide) nor were they black, plus I'm =
guessing they're much more expensive (I don't do the buying) than =


--- Joyce Jenkins wrote:
Why do you want nonpolyester ribbon?  I use grosgrain ribbon from =
fabric store on portfolios and it seems to work just fine.  The =
kind doesn't wear as well.  I've experimented with silk ribbon, but =
it was beautiful it was not strong enough.  There are some =
tapes (not sticky tape, but cotton woven ones) that I have gotten =
Scandinavia.  Similar stuff is probably available in big American =
or upholstery stores.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska
--- end of quote ---

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