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Re: location of Conferences

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Please mark your calenders: the Friends of Dard Hunter and the Guild of
Bookworkers are both holding their conferences in Chicago this year, one week
apart from each other.  For information about the Guild of Bookworkers Standards
Meeting, contact William Drendel, 747 North Wabash, #302, Chicago, IL 60610.  For
information about The Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Conference, contact Amanda
Degener, 1334 6th St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413  We look forward to seeing you

Lee Schauer wrote:

> In a message dated 4/20/99 2:19:15 PM Central Daylight Time, PAGrass@AOL.COM
> writes:
> << There are a lot of summer conferences across the country. The Oregon Book
>  Arts Guild sponsors one--its 5 days of all kinds of classes for all skill
>  levels. I can send you an e-mail of classes offered or a paper flyer and
>  registration mterials through regular mail if you give me your snail mail
>  address.
>  Patty Grass
>  pagrass@aol.com >>
> Hi,
> I hear of conference after conference on this list--all of them VERY far away
> from where I live unfortunately.  I do not have the luxury of traveling at
> this time:-(   Does anyone know of any workshops or conferences on book
> making in the Southeastern Wisconsin area?  Maybe even the Chicago area?
> Most of these classes sound wonderful.  I would love to attend them and learn
> what others have to teach.
> Keeping my fingers crossed--
> -Lee in Milwaukee, WI

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