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Hebrew fonts/lifting papers

Hello, everyone,
I've two questions:  Does anyone know of a set of brass or zinc type for
Kwikprinters in Hebrew that could be bought inexpensively?  Also, I have
been asked to lift, clean and deacidify 4 drawings by Edward King that date
from 1926 and were done on what appears to be Canson Mi Tientes-ish paper.
Should I do the cleaning prior to lifting the papers?  The backing is a
wood pulp based cardboard, thin, tht is obviously full of acid.  there is
some foxing on the drawings, as well as fading and dirt.
Please send advice, admonishments, and so forth.  Many thanks to all.

Susan Lightcap
Vessels of the Spirit
2 Wall St., Suite 106
Asheville, NC 28801

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