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Felt board

Have any of you had experience making a  black felt-covered display board?
Friends have asked my advice; I have a couple of questions for you.

Would it be OK to use black foam core instead of illustration, mounting
board, Davey Board, or the corrugated board they already have? The board is
to be a triptych, center 3' x 4', sides 3' x 2'. The plan is to mount the
felt onto 3 pieces of board with 3/8" space of felt between sections as
hinge. Should the felt be backed with paper, or can it be glued directly to
the board? What adhesive is best, paste or thinned out PVA? If black foam
core is used, is it necessary to wrap the edges?

Thanks for any advice,

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org

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