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Book Arts Workshop

Here's some information about book arts at Dartmouth College in Hanover NH.

The Book Arts Workshop at Dartmouth is a letterpress printing facility that is
open to all members of the Dartmouth community free of charge.  Shop equipment
includes a large stock of types, two Vandercook electric presses, and two iron
hand presses (one manufactured by R. Hoe & Company of NY, and the other by
H.W.Haslon Company, Limited, of London).  The  workshop is staffed each night by
a knowledgeable printer who will assist participants in setting type and
printing projects of their own choice.  Bookbinding workshops are offered at
various time during the academic year.

An annual Book Arts Summer Workshop is held over a four-day period in August,
and is open to the general public at reasonable tuition.  Instruction in hand
printing plus supervised shop hours are included, as well as exhibitions and
lectures which focus on the work of one printer or designer.  Dormitory
accomodations, exercise facilities, and meals are not included, but are also
available at reasonable cost.

The Book Arts Workshop is located in Room 23 on the lower level of Baker Library
at Dartmouth College.  For further information, please contact the office of
Collge Librarian Margaret Otto (603-646-2236) or Associate Professor Louise
Hamlin (603-646-2285).

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