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Re: Films about King Arthur


Tonight on the DISNEY channel, "The Kid's of the Round Table" is on at 6:00
Central.  Maybe you can tape it... it features kids of about the same age
group you are teaching. I watched part of it a couple of weeks ago... I
enjoyed it.  It has a contemporary twist.

Kind Regards,

At 01:32 PM 4/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Susan and friends,
>        You might try Films for the Humanities & Sciences in Princeton.
>Their English catalog includes film listings for "Gawain and the Green
>Knight", "The Legend of Arthur", "Le Morte d'Arthur" and an interactive CD
>"The Arthurian Tradition". I don't know if the tone of any of these suits
>what you have in mind, but it's worth a shot. I've purchased from them and
>they are easy to do business with. Phone (1-800/257-5126) Website:
So MUCH Art...So little Time.

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