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Re: Felt board

I know Gatorboard to be a thin wood sheet covering both sides of an inner
foam core. I think we have information on modelshops.com that tells how to
use our Gapoxio (tm) (an epoxy/ceramic construction material) with
Gatorboard so you can fill holes, seal the edges, and attach bolts and
hangers to Gatorboard.

Linda Mullin wrote:

> You wrote...
> >I think the heavier board is called gator board.
> >Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity
> No, gatorboard is the plastic equivalent to corrugated cardboard. The
> heavier foamcore has a more dense foam and plasticized cover instead of
> paper cover on both sides. You can use acrylic paints of felt pens with
> solvent base on it.
> Linde Mullin
> Mullin Art Publishing
> Canadian Art for Canadian Crafts
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