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Re: Book Transport

I suggest you stick to very high value books.

Art Rubino & Co.
Antiquarian Book Sellers
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504  USA
Phone  505 982 8792
Fax      505 982 0291
Email  Art_Rubino@msn.com

We are always interested in buying fine used
Numismatic,  Philatelic & Collectibles books.

In the United Kingdom
Art Rubino & Co.
Antiquarian Booksellers
233 Wandsworth Bridge Road
London SW6 2TU
Phone  44 171 731 2919
Fax       44 171 610 6930
Mobile  44 468 301 890

Catalogues Available By Email
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Numismatic Books  Pt I  Ancient, Byz. & Medievel. 90 pp.
Numismatic Books Pt II  Modern Era [post 1400] 88 pp.
Numismatic Sales Catalogues & Fixed Price Lists 30 pp.
Treasure [Numismatic] Books. Cobs, diving for treasure.
Philatelic Books 60 pp.
Ancient & Modern History, Bank History, Military History
Archaeology Books
Collectibles Books. Porcelain, antiques, rare artifacts.
Modern First Editions & Literature.
Magic & Divination, Handwriting, Palm Reading, Dreams
Conservation Supplies for Collectors

-----Original Message-----
From: Elizabeth Penrose <Julian9EHP@AOL.COM>
Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 6:57 PM
Subject: Book Transport

>Compared to your learned colloquies my matter is prosaic
and comical.
>I have no car.  I must travel by car or trolley, and bring
books back in the
>same way.
>This becomes increasingly difficult as the volume
increases, and as I try to
>establish myself as a buyer and seller of used books.
>How do other carless dealers work?  I've already had
several fine condition
>books deteriorate in transit, and I feel my shoulders and
back may soon
>E. Penrose

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