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Camp Cheerio Calligraphy Retreat

CAMP CHEERIO CALLIGRAPHY RETREAT. Sept 26 =96 Oct 1, 1999 Alice: =93A Callig=
Resource BoCok=94, a collection of past and present topics of workshops and=20
classes. Peter Thornton: =93Roman Capitals in Graphite, Carbon & Gold,=94 ca=
letters in their many different guises. Cost: $425 ($50 non-refundable=20
deposit) includes instruction, meals, lodging. Semi-private and private room=
available at an extra cost ($495, $560). Info: Jim Teta, 5200 Bear Creek Rd.=
Winston-Salem, NC 27106. 336-924-5681 (H), 724-5475 (Studio). email:=20
   Their web page also has details www.calligraphycentre.com =20

Peter Thornton - Roman Capitals in Graphite, Carbon & Gold
The main focus of this workshop will be on Capital letters in their many
different guises and flavors. Initially we shall work with pencil
(graphite) and a proportionally accepted Form to explore the delicacy
and the visually quieter side of these letters. We shall then move these
on to the more sophisticated =93Inscriptional Capital=94 letter using the
technique of =93Pressure & Release=94. After several projects with the penci=
(and water-colour) we shall then move on to the pen (carbon) and
investigate how to refine and reform what we have rather than experi-
menting and searching for something new. Finally after working on pen
capitals and variants of built-up letterforms we shall add the final
ingredient, gold leaf, which so often becomes the star feature proclaim-
ing itself well and truly =93in charge=94. This very practical workshop will
attend more to the craft than the exploratory with many exercises to
help students learn a =93method of study=94 rather than a style of writing.
This workshop is aimed at all levels of ability.

Alice - A Calligraphy Resource Book
The collection you always thought of doing - when you find the time.
NOW is the perfect opportunity to gather your very own calligraphic
resource notebook, collected from historic models and ALL those work-
shops you=92ve attended*. The pages of your wonderful treasure album
will include bold Gothic hands, graceful Renaissance writing and bits of
creative graffiti. While this is essentially a writing class, incorporating
ideas of color techniques and broad pen drawings will be encouraged
as the texts demand. These texts should be bits of your favorites-so
please bring them. A simple stich binding will hold it all together.
*Beginners, if you=92ve not yet attended many workshops, now=92s the time
to start your collection.=20

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