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Studio Sale

For those of you in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minnesota area, I am having a
studio sale Friday April 30 and Saturday, May 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each
day. E-mail me at AlphaBeth@aol.com for location and directions or if you
have questions about a particular item you are hunting for.

The sale will consist of duplicate supplies and furniture like drafting
tables, light box, callig, bookbinding and general art books, book- and
card-making and drafting supplies (brand new electric eraser, for instance),
and the like. I am not quitting callig and book arts, but anticipating a
move, so I must scale down. I have accumulated quite an assortment of toys,
but find I use the same few things over and over anyway. Maybe something I
have is just what you are after.

Hope to meet some of you face to face!

Beth Weiss

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