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Bookarts in NYC

Dear Darcie,  In response to your question about Book Arts and Paper
activity in New York City, two good places to go are Dieu Donne on Broome
St. in Soho and the Center For Book Arts on Broadway above Houston Street.
Also sometimes of interest is the gallery at Harper Collins( Publisher)
Gallery on E. 53rd st. near the Museum of Modern Art.  The Center for Book
Arts can tell you of other places in Brooklyn. (Carriage House, Dobbin
Mill.) If you're still in town May 11th and interested in paper engineering,
a sampling of Pop-Up Paper Engineering done by my students at Pratt will be
shown  in the alcove of  the Schafler Gallery on  Pratts' Brooklyn campus
(opening 4-6 p.m. on that day).  It continues through June 4th- except for
May 12th.  Manhattan Graphics Center sometimes has book-related print-making
classes going on. Enjoy your visit to New York.  It's a great city!
Barbara Valenta

At 06:00 AM 4/26/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>I will be going to New York City next week and wanted to know if any of
>you had any suggestions of places where I could visit. I am a papermaker
>and book artist and would like to see as much as possible related to
>thanks in advance!

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