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Re: Bookarts in NYC

Dear Barbara- I was very interested to read in your posting to the Book Arts
list that your class  (book arts I assume) will be having an exhibit of
pop-up books at Pratt.I will certainly come to see the exhibit. I was also
wondering if you or any of your students would be interested in participating
in the June Bookworks issue (see posting to the Book Arts list) of the ISCA
Quarterly of xerographic prints and artists' books.  The deadline is June
15th for the edition of 100 small bookworks and I thought that youy might
have something simple (because I know some pop-ups are a lot of work) and
interesting to contribute. If you are interested you might visit our homepage
<http://members.aol.com/isca4art2b/I.S.C.A.HomePage.html> and /or give me a
call at (718)638-3264. Hope to hear from you. Louise Neaderland

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