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Free plans and graphics

Almost 500 free black and white downloadable images which are good for
book illustrations are at http://www.papershops.com/clipart.htm

Also 80 free geometric color image patterns that can be downloaded to
decorate any paper or cardstock with an inkjet printer are at

There are also free plans for an extremely simple greeting card and
envelope set at
http://www.papershops.com/ -- either use your own cardstock or buy some
at the site.

And there is a plan for a folding octagonal cardstock box at

Comments are invited -- are these things of interest? email off list.

Martin R. Carbone
1227 De La Vina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-965-5574 Fax: 805-965-2414

WEBSITES: http://www.papershops.com <<or>>
http://www.modelshops.com <<or>> http://www.silcom.com/~mrcinc

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