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Re: Repetitive Motion Syndrome

Although I only make books as a hobby, repetitive motion syndrome is an even
bigger problem in my field (computer programming).  I, myself, highly
recommend wearing "fingerless" support gloves and taking 50 mg a day of
vitamin B-6. Both appear to have completely solved my problem.  (In my
field, a thingie to put your wrists on when typing at the keyboard is also

The gloves are so comfortable (and make my hands feel so gooooooood) that I
tend to forget to take them off.  I have actually been known to visit people
and not realize I had them on until I got back home.  In other words,
they're REALLY comfortable.  They apparently look tight, but aren't.  They
feel fabulous.

If this is of any interest, the support gloves are commonly sold in most
needlework shops (e.g., Hand-Eze brand).  However, OccuMitts (from Swanson's
800-437-4148) seem identical and are much, much cheaper (at least, for me).
The last time I ordered them, I ordered #C3OC003 OccuMitts Support Gloves.

(I have nothing to do with any store or product -- I'm just sharing my own
experience in the hope that it will help someone else.)

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From: Mick LeTourneaux <letourn@PRINCETON.EDU>

>I am interested in knowing whether any book treatment staff in your
>institutions have developed repetitive motion syndrome or other similar
>maladies as a result of their repair work ...

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