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Re: Repetitive Motion Syndrome

I started a job as a designer in a small shop a
few years ago,
and was almost completely incapacitated a month
later with
severe back pain. I didn't understand it; I'd been
in this
field for years, and couldn't point to anything I
was doing
differently at this new job. The culprit: my
computer chair. It
was a five-wheeled chair,and  one of the wheels
was awry in that
pesky way that shopping cart wheels go awry. The
injury came from
the repetitive motion or grabbing the edge of my
desk and pulling
myself forward to the computer against the will of
that one wheel.

It's been almost three years. I still get back
spasms sometimes.
The right equipment makes all the difference in
the world.

Courtney Graham

Mick LeTourneaux wrote:
> I am interested in knowing whether any book treatment staff in your
> institutions have developed repetitive motion syndrome or other similar
> maladies as a result of their repair work.  Eg lifting books from shelves
> in holding areas incorrectly causing shoulder pain or shoulder and neck
> pain from standing over the bench while doing the work or wrist problems
> due to the angle at which tools are held for long periods of time.  (Part
> of the cause of some of these problems is the height of the person in
> relation to a stationary height of the workbench, especially when standing.
>  Most of our staff do not use the stools we provide but prefer to stand for
> much of their work.)  We have had two cases of it in our lab over the past
> two years and I wonder whether the staff of other conservation programs
> have had similar experiences.  Certainly it is not something I would have
> associated with book repair until recently.  For our folks who have
> developed the symptoms we have made all necessary accommodations so that
> they can continue working with reduced pain and increased comfort.
> I welcome your observations.  Thank you.
> Robert Milevski
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> Robert J. Milevski
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> Princeton University Library
> One Washington Road
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> Fax:  (609) 258-4105
> Email:  milevski@phoenix.princeton.edu
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