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 Where paper is concerned, Roberta, all bets are off.  Balance
matters,of course, the problem is getting it.  Papers can absorb
differing amounts of adhesive, and contract more or less as a result, so
you can change the type, mix, thickness of adhesive in applying your
liners to affect the balance.  You can also release some of the surface
tension by scoring the underlining with cuts parallel to the paper grain
before applying the covering sheet.  If the cover paper is thin, lightly
sand the cuts first so there are not tattle-tale ridges showing through.
It can also make a difference if you apply both the underlining and the
cover at the same time, letting them dry together, or let the
underlining dry first and then cover.  I would suggest cutting yourself
some smallish squares of board and trying various techniques until you
find  the one that gives you the best results for the papers you wish to
use.  Keep the pieces.  No point doing the same experiments over and
over because you threw away your notes the last time.
  Dorothy Africa

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