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Re: grain

RLavadour wrote: ...My question is this - does the weight of the paper have to
be similar for everything [warping] to balance out? ... snip

Warning --- I sell both of the products I am going to recommend -- I hope this
doesn't disqualify me from offering my opinion (I know there are some who think
selling things is somehow awful). I welcome criticism if I am wrong -- we do not
want to sell anything that doesn't work properly for the experts in the field,
or make bogus claims.

I am fairly new at this -- but I have been using Daige's water based PVA  and
find I get no warping when putting paper to board in the making of boxes -- even
on only one side. I also get no warping with thermally activated photo mounting
sheets. Because we had this success, we are now stocking both of these product
for sale at papershops.com

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