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asian book artists

I teach painting, drawing at Johnson State in northern Vermont, U.S.A. (It
really is a fine program, and I'll forgive you all for not mentioning us in
your collective lists of fine programs.....)

The college has received a grant in the neighborhood of $15,000 to bring
Asian scholars or  artists to campus over the next two years.  There may be
more funds available for events that involve cultural exchange.  From what
I was told today, cultural exchange includes film and video screenings with
the artist present, performances, public art pieces on campus, workshops,
etc....  In so far as one of the classes I teach annually is an advanced
drawing class that specializes in making artist books, I'm interested in
bringing in an visiting artist through this grant.

So, any asian book artists out there?  I believe that the grant is not
limited to people living in Asia--individuals of Asian descent living in
the States or else where are welcome.  Our art department is competing with
all other departments on campus, as to which field(s) will get the grant
funds, so I need a VERY speedy sign of interest.  Please reply off list to
me at <charuby@plainfield.bypass.com>, sending me your name, a brief bio,
and what kind of a workshop, exhibition, lecture, performance, blahblahblah
you would like to bring to the Green Mountains--just inches below Quebec.

Ken Leslie
Charuby Press

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