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Re: grain

The nice thing about receiving this List in Digest form is that I can
read the other responses before giving my own.

Dorothy and Martin gave good advice, as far as it went.

They left out an important variable (well, maybe a couple).  Dwell time.

The longer a sheet of paper is wetted out by adhesive (up to a point) the
more it will stretch, and therefore, the more it will pull upon drying.

Wet paper can also be further stretched while it is being put down on a
board.  Another variable is the relative humidity in the shop while this
is being done.  On hot, dry days I tend to work faster than on cool,
humid days. I haven't had much experience doing this during hot, humid days
so won't guess what may happen then.

And then there is seasoning time.  Often, pressing under a light weight
for a few days/weeks after covering will eliminate the effects of draw.

Please note that these thoughts are based upon using wheat starch paste
of varying viscosity.  If you're using PVA things may be a bit different.


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
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Portland, OR  97217

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