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aluminized film

I have a sample supply of tough, bright aluminized Polypropylene (?)
film -- blue in color on a 12" wide roll.Can be used by itself or easily
adhered to label paper -- or laminated to any paper of your choice. Film
is .001" thick -- that is 1/4 the thickness of standard copy paper. If
your are interested -- send me three dollars in an envelope and promise
to give me an analysis of the material for use in the bookarts field.  I
will then send you 15  -- 12" x 13" sheets -- (so you can square up to
12 x 12 sheets)  in a folder we will make out of corrugated cardboard.
The three dollars will just about cover the shipping and I will
breakeven. If this material turns out to be useful, we plan to stock it
in about twelve colors. It will probably sell for 10 to 20 cents /
square foot.

If you promise to use the material and send me back a good photo of
something made of it --- I will send you the samples without your
sending me the three dollars.

Martin R. Carbone
1227 De La Vina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-965-5574 Fax: 805-965-2414

WEBSITES: http://www.papershops.com <<or>>
http://www.modelshops.com <<or>> http://www.silcom.com/~mrcinc

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