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Re: aluminized film

>I have a sample supply of tough, bright aluminized Polypropylene (?)
>film -- blue in color on a 12" wide roll.Can be used by itself or easily
>adhered to label paper -- or laminated to any paper of your choice. Film
>is .001" thick -- that is 1/4 the thickness of standard copy paper. If
>your are interested -- send me three dollars in an envelope and promise
>to give me an analysis of the material for use in the bookarts field.  I
>will then send you 15  -- 12" x 13" sheets -- (so you can square up to
>12 x 12 sheets)  in a folder we will make out of corrugated cardboard.
>The three dollars will just about cover the shipping and I will
>breakeven. If this material turns out to be useful, we plan to stock it
>in about twelve colors. It will probably sell for 10 to 20 cents /
>square foot.
>If you promise to use the material and send me back a good photo of
>something made of it --- I will send you the samples without your
>sending me the three dollars.
>Martin R. Carbone
>1227 De La Vina St.
>Santa Barbara, CA 93101
>Tel: 805-965-5574 Fax: 805-965-2414
>WEBSITES: http://www.papershops.com <<or>>
>http://www.modelshops.com <<or>> http://www.silcom.com/~mrcinc


I will definitely make something out of this film and document all my good
work in slides, of which I would be happy to send copies. I appreciate your
generous offer. I will also offer some to others in my book arts classes
and see what uses they come up with.

Simrat K. Khalsa
865 E. 37th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

BTW, one bit of info I found missing from your site is a note as to the
acidity of your products.

Simrat Kaur Khalsa

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