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Re: gloss paper reply to Hamric

Xerox probably doesn't make their paper -- they buy it like we do and resell it.
Because the "photo papers" in the office supply stores were so expensive -- we
bought glossy papers from a batch of manufacturers and tested them, finding the
good sheets we will be putting up on our site next week at more reasonable
prices. All worked well with our printer. Another blow struck for the Davids
among us.

Zack Hamric wrote:

> Does anyone know of a supplier for glossy coated white paper that
> can be used inside a book.  Can you laser print on it?
> If you need to laser print on it a lot of the coated offset papers are not
> suitable. Xerox has a line of papers called Color Expressions that is
> designed specifically for laser writers or color printers. You should be able
> to get it at most office supply stores.
> Thanks,
> Zack Hamric
> Two Swallows Press

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