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Re: Teaching Workshops

My own thoughts on teaching workshops--I teach creative writing workshops at
a university (my day job!) and love to watch and learn a good teacher
teaching. It's really helpful to observe someone else teaching. My experience
taking Barbara Harmon's artist book workshop in Guatemala  this winter was
wonderful. She is a great maker of books--her work is professionally crafted
and very lovely. She has beautiful examples of every structure we worked
with. Her supplies were well-organized. She precut many of the large sheets
we'd need (partly I'm sure in order to travel with them!) but it meant we
could work pretty quickly. We made 8 books in about as many days. She had
novel ideas for start up, then added very professional advice as we worked.
She was always encouraging and very inspiring. One night we came back to the
house after a late dinner and worked for several hours on the verandah
smelling the orange tree, enjoying the moonlight (we had high intensity
lights installed on our workshop patio so we could do this!). A great
teacher, a great environment. Just leave your students feeling successful
with ideas for moving forward. Laurie O'Brien

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