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Thanks for King Arthur films

Dear Friends
    Thanks so much for all your suggestions, both on list and off and my
apologies for not sending in a response sooner. We watched A Kid in King
Arthur's Court and the kids enjoyed it. I had intended to build the week
very much around the King Arthur legend but it didn't really work that
well. They went to other teachers for parts of the day- made medieval
recipes in Life Skills, formerly known as home ec, played games in gym -
and we didn't really have all that much time. We wanted them to spend a
little time in the library doing research and writing and chose names
from the Arthur legends but that didn't work well either. Some of the
characters were hard to find info on in encyclopedia type sources and
the kids got bogged down in some of the stories. The teacher I was
working with didn't know a lot of the kids and there were a lot of
different levels within the group. So next time we'll scratch that idea.
Next time we'll do historical figures. We made a simple journal the
first day, talked about heraldry and designed paper shields the second,
did a little calligraphy and made miniature stained glass on
transparency sheets with permanent marker on the third, took a field
trip to Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA on the fourth, and ended the
week with a medieval feast. The kids were a responsive group- 12 boys, 5
girls, and dressed up for the feast. I was interested in how much the
boys got into the activites. My conclusion is that they do not have
enough of that kind of thing in their lives. Being in this small group
of kids who didn't go the camp with the rest seemed to remove them from
the usual pressures of what's acceptable behavior for boys. It was fun
to be a part of.
    So thanks again to all who took the time to respond. I still have
some of your suggestions to follow up on for my own viewing pleasure.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

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