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Re: Inkjet permanence

In a message dated 99-05-03 11:45:18 EDT, you write:


Thanks for this information! I have e-mailed Luminos and will order the
products. I'll do a window fading test and report my results to the List.

Mary Crest

> Luminos recently came out with two sets of archival inks for Epson printers.
>  My understanding, though, is that they have to be used with Luminos'
>  complementary paper (they have a nice selection) in order to ensure
>  stability.
>  I saw a series of prints at PMA produced with the ink/paper combo and they
>  were beautiful.  http://www.luminos.com.  If the product information isn't
> up
>  on the website, give them a call.
>  Theano

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