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Re: Inkjet permanence

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From: Mary Crest <MARYCREST@AOL.COM>
Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 11:45 AM
Subject: Re: Inkjet permanence

In a message dated 99-05-03 11:26:32 EDT, you write:
>Have you considered Iris prints?

No. I want to print and bind the books myself, plus no one in Cancun has an Iris
printer, plus it would be too expensive if they did.

The image quality that I get from my Epson Color Stylus is unreal, better than
most dye sub prints that I've seen and much more convincing than color laser
prints. When you print on watercolor paper the effect is so close to an original
that it's eerie. It's really slow but beautiful -- ten minutes per page at 720

I am going to get a new printer that handles large format paper. My current
printer only prints about 90% of a legal page. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about
seeing what a kind of placket bind made by gluing two sheets to make a four-page
signature will look like, as the originals are all legal size or larger. A full
folded sheet will be much better, of course.

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