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Re: Teaching Workshops

I'm in the final stages of planning a basic book repair workshop this
summer.  It is to be a half-day session.  I'd like some input as to
content.  I have, of course, ideas as to what can be realistically covered
in such a short format but would like ideas as to what not to miss.  I have
glossary, equipment/supplies list, and short descriptive sheets for each

The emphasis will be on quick, easy, inexpensive repairs.  Not meant for
rare or special collections items.

Thanks for you input,

At 10:40 AM 05/03/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm a beginning bookbinder.  When taking workshops, here are some things
>I've liked:
>1.  Pre-cut boards
>2. Telling me if I'm learning a technique or if I can expect to finish a
>3. A really complete materials list, including both supplies and materials.
>4. Tell me if I'm just working on the cover, or if I'll be working on both
>the cover and pages--that is, do I need to bring ideas and materials to
>illustrate / decorate the pages?
>5. Let me know if I need to bring a lunch and build a short break into the
>time allowed for the workshop.
                                    Claudia Stall
                          Head, Collection Preservation Unit
                               San Diego State University
                             Library and Information Services

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