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Felt Board

Many thanks to all of you for your helpful advice on the felt display
board. We finished it last Friday and used it on Saturday to illustrate the
story of our 130-year-old church to visitors on a tour of historical homes
and buildings in the area.

The board is a tryptych (center, 36 x 26; sides, 36 x 13) made of two plies
of chipboard ((the only board available on short notice), grain in
different directions, pasted together with wheat paste mixed with a very
small amount of PVA. Because of the available size of the board (32 x 40),
the cross-grain ply had to be pieced.

After we had cut and pasted the boards and put them under weights to dry,
we cut the felt to the size of the open tryptych, plus 2" all around for
turnover. Then, we pasted two 3 1/2"-strips of starched black cotton fabric
in the hinge areas, fortifying the cotton with 1" x 3 1/2" tyvek strips.
(We found that a warm iron over a presscloth encouraged the cotton and
tyvek to adhere to the felt more quickly.)

We next spread the felt on the floor (table was too small) wrong side up,
and pasted the boards to the felt, with a 1/4" space at the hinges.
Clipping the felt almost to the board at the hinges and trimming the
corners, we (the two who could get down on their knees) made the turn-ins.

After I left, Ginny and Warren pasted felt to the backside of the panels,
excluding hinge areas, put the whole assembly under weights for a day and a
half, and, finally, mounted the informational items. These, pictures,
printed information, labels, etc., had been laminated or encapsulated with
mylar and are affixed to the felt with the hook side of self-adhesive
Velcro pieces in order to move or change them easily. It will also be easy
to fold and store the board between use.

The project was a huge success. I invite you all to visit the Mendocino
(CA) Presbyterian Church any Saturday between May 31 and Sept. 4, 11:00 to
1 PM, this summer when it is open for Historical Tours, to see the fruit of
our labors.

Thanks, again, everyone.

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org

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